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The Goddamn Queen of France

L.A. face with a Oakland booty

Hello, my name is Aaaaaaaarrgh!
16 July 1976
I have tried to describe myself many times, and haven't ever quite succeeded. Here are some words that do describe me pretty well: animate, mammalian, human, gregarious, musical. Beyond that, if you think you have a category for me, I will blur the boundaries of it.

I like people who think for themselves.

Caution: percieved sweetness of this creature may be directly related to the fact that you can't hear her inner monologue.

If you only want to make friends with people who are perfectly politically correct, people who never say anything inflammatory, people who never make mistakes, people who are and good and right and virtuous all the time, people who fart puppies and flowers, then you have come to the wrong place.

Unhappy women
have used tears, threatening oaths,
even collapse
to prevent a lover
from traveling.
Darling, I'm a pluckier girl.
Good luck and for your
early departure
I hope an auspicious day.
After you're gone you may hear
what I see fit to do with my
love life.

- the Amarushataka
"always snuggle", alan cumming, altos, amsterdam, and one, androgyny, ani difranco, ars cantus, asking questions, atheism, autodidacticism, baroque music, bats, beer, berkeley, black madonnas, blood, boobies, brain cookies, brawling, bruises, bugs, cephalopods, cherry hamentaschen, classical music, comparative religions, contraltos, cooking, cult movies, cussing in yiddish, debauchery, decadence, depression, discordianism, dr. john, duke ellington, edward gorey, ella fitzgerald, emperor norton, erykah badu, etymology, farscape, feeding people, fetish, flirting, fnord, frank chu, genderfuck, glam, goliards, good beer, gorillaz, greydon square, guerilla nudism, hanoi rocks, harold and maude, hedonism, hermetic mysticism, hypermobility, icky elves, illuminati, investigating things, iron chef, jalapenos, jim henson, judaism, kage baker, karmic goodies, learning, libertine outlawry, mary magdalene, mattababies, mediaeval music, medicinal marijuana, medieval polyphony, mental illness, mika, more beer, mst3k, muppets, mycology, needles, neil gaiman, opera, paganism, pansexuality, passive-aggressive beet-eating, phidippus johnsoni, piercings, pirates, play piercing, pointing and laughing, polyamory, poppy z. brite, priory of sion, ptsd, pumpkins, ralph bakshi, rats, really good beer, really long walks, redheads, renaissance music, research, roller coasters, rwor, sacred whores, san francisco, sapiosexuality, sara-kali, sci-fi, see colin slash, sfgc, shadow play, shel silverstein, shenannigans, singing, singing baroque trills, skepticism, spicy food, spiders, synaesthesia, tattoos, the k chronicles, thelonius monk, throat singing, troll bridges, understanding, vampyroteuthis infernalis, verbosity, vibrant hair, vodoun, waterhouse, weird chinese candy, witchcraft, yemaya, yiddish, you, yurok